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DWP worker forced me into CRIMES so I could eat and survive
How I went from a middle aged 56 year old unemployed person looking for work, In December 2012 to A Criminal, Stealing food from shops just to eat, then stealing sell-able, swap-able Items from shops, to stealing Push-bikes and even started to do Burglaries all because I needed to Eat and Survive in life. 

DWP worker stopped my MONEY - It left me feeling desperate and very depressed. I was so utterly disgusted of how this "Fiona Howlett" who works at the DWP can just stop someone’s money overnight based on her Assumptions - and leave me in the shit!! I am not posting this for my sake as I am one of the lucky ones, because I have a roof over my head, well for now, it just makes me angry that there must be hundreds or thousands of vulnerable people having this done to them daily, and it is not justified by based on Assumptions and not evidence. This is people’s lives we are talking about and it needs to be looked at by this UK Government !!! Very appalled.

I am always hearing people saying imagine living for a couple of weeks without JSA money, well to cut a long story short, since Jan 2013, I have not had A penny from DWP because this woman claim i do not stay or lodge, Or share a flat with my friend and sleep on the settee. (Before this I was homeless), So any roof over my head was gratefully accepted. It also use to help with sharing the cost of living too, bills, food. sharing the shopping as we all know helps so much if you are a student or on JSA or very low incomes.

And most of you will know, when homeless, the Council will ask you, do you have Family or Friends you can go stay with. Or the Job-centre asks you for a bank account to pay your jsa into and an address where you are living. Without these you will NOT get PAID. So here I am at A friends, sleeping on the settee as A lodger/Sharing, getting my life sorted out, Attending ALL that was required by DWP, doing Job search, applying for jobs, attending ALL appointments Etc. Then my money gets stopped claiming I am NOT staying at the address, then Fiona Howlett tried other excuses and this evil old cow even claimed the Kitchen is too small for 2 people to cook or share. (It's approx 12' x 8').

So this rotten, fat prostitute first accused me of not claiming for the address I was staying at, Then after I had proven I declared this as my address, she then claimed the 8 feet x 12 feet Kitchen was far too small for more than one person to cook in. And she then went on to claim I was an Alcoholic (I have not had a drink since 2009), I gave up drinking because of my illness, do to my poor heath, Oh and I don't smoke too before you bring cigarettes into the equation. And she finally settled on well there is plenty of places around you could rent. I know this but it's much cheaper to share the cost just like students and people, friends do.

She told me, If i move out, and into my own rental accommodation, they will then give me JSA money again. (but for me, this mean I would struggle to live and get into Debt, yet again) and it clearly would cost the tax-payer even more money, £100 a week alone just for rented accommodation. This just did not make any sense at all. Clearly at this point this whore was struggling for excuses now.

I personally think to share is better and cheaper, like millions of others do. Even students share the cost. People who drive to work over a long distance, Share the transport and cost of fuel. And for me, it just made common sense to Share a property if on a very low Income.

So, No money, No food, and nothing from JSA unless i obey this ugly Fat Slag Fiona Howlett's commands and I allow her to Dictate and Bully me into how I live. People do not need this in life. Less jobs out there, more people coming in from outside the UK, People living longer, 2 million teenagers out of work, plus more and more job cuts.

So for the first couple month, I was living with next to nothing, bread and jam, pre-packed pies, tin and other foods stolen from shops. Local food banks could only help me for the first 3 weeks, C.A.B. told me.

(April 2015), I now clear off every now and again, sleep elsewhere for a few days. I then commit CRIMES and take stuff and swap/sell to get Food, Clothes, Toiletries and Footwear. Then i return and stay at my friends again. I sleep on the settee as before. (Sometimes I get a little money but most of the time I swap a £300 plus peddle-bike for a Basket of food) worth about £20 - £30 - I know it's madness But I have to eat. So I am grateful of any food deals. Laptops and other stolen Item's from Break-Ins worth sometimes, Hundreds of pounds I swap for a food basket so I can Eat and Survive. Causing Un-unnecessary upset to those I steal from to live. Costing the Tax-Payer thousands of pounds more, Police time, crime reports, Insurance(s) and more.  

I do not agree with what I am forced to do, but when you have to go without FOOD for days. I Have NO choice but to break the law, I need to Eat. YOU - YOU try going without any food for 5 to 7 days and see how it feels. Some people are Healthy, Lucky to have a job or family support, I don't.

People, who are sanctioned or get their money stopped for long periods, do NOT just go out and steal or break the law to be cool. They do it to EAT, Survive and those with families, no doubt 'break the law' to put food on the table. Pay the bills, Even those who have extremely low incomes and a family struggle to live and have to 'Break the law' to EAT in this day and age. 

And before people slag me or others off. Personally, I do NOT take or use any form of illegal drugs, this include legal drugs like Tobacco or Alcohol, I no longer celebrate Christmas. I use my friends internet and computer and still look for work even with poor health.

I do all the daily chores around my friends  property, Cleaning, Dusting, Wash and Wipe up, walk the dog every day, cut the lawn, clean the windows and so-on  but that's fine as it earn my keep & show I am grateful of my mate Providing shelter, A Roof over my head and a Settee to sleep on.

All my life I have never hated anyone or wished anything bad to anyone until now, I really hate this Fat Whore, Fiona Howlett and cannot wait to meet her again (but will not discuss it here) and I hate her so much I hope she has loved ones - Family members who get CANCER - DIE and ROT IN HELL.

With prices rising faster than wages i will be asking for some advise from you soon Lawbreaker, Petrol on the rise, tax, Rent. It's becoming a struggle to earn enough wages from work to pay bills, eat, live.

I can recall the politicians getting a £10,000 a year pay rise couple/few years back, £300 a day just for turning up to work and stealing the tax-payers money. The F**KING queen just got another few millions pay rise. While I and you struggle to live, eat.

Where I live people are committing crimes all the time just to put food on the table, pay bills and many are working too. It's the only way to survive for middle to lower class working or unemployed people in 2017

And it will get much worse this year too.
Hello I live in the UK and am waiting on a decision if my money is going to be suspended what should I do?


Hi Guest, If you are asking me what you should do if your money is stopped? Well look, 4 years ago I would say struggle by for a few weeks or borrow some money to tie you over for food etc from family or friends. Now days even food banks may help you, For me back in December 2012 food banks could only help me for 3 weeks, things may of changed in 2017.

But 4 and half years later, It's a no brainer guest, Don't mope around IF you can not get a job get out and commit crimes, get your food, gas and Electric money, Toiletries don't come cheap too. Got bills to pay? If you read my post, I started off taking food from shops so I could eat, But within weeks, you will run out of toiletries, maybe your trainers will wear and new trainers are needed and the DWP know all this, which is what they hope so you go back begging - Forget that, get out steal as much as you can, because you could be weeks or months without any payments. House/Property break-In's are very good earners, smaller petty stuff will turn over a small basket full of food money. Buy some Electric, Gas or toiletries. You get the message. Only golden rules, NEVER steal from family, friends and try to avoid robbing old or disabled people. NEVER take anything stolen home to where you live. And remember, IF the DWP had not stopped your money and left you with nothing to live, you would not be going down this path.

My message is very clear to you and others, get out and get a job if possible, failing that commit crimes to get money to live on or starve to death (This is what the DWP want, you to starve and beg to them.) - At times I went days without eating. Do NOT put your health at risk because of these BASTARDS at DWP - Get out and steal your way to food money.

Good luck Guest


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