A & R Motorcycles are crooks (If my friend won't speak out I will)

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    A & R Motorcycles of Lowestoft, Suffolk shop are selling unreliable, Faulty scooters as Brand new. Read On: (my friend will not speak out against them), I am furious and I offered to go to the shop but my friend declined the offer knowing very well I would cause much Trouble) and plenty of damage.

    A & R Motorcycles, Lowestoft is a bunch of crooks who provide a very poor customer service and here is why.

    My friend brought a brand new 125cc sinnis scooter from this bunch of crooks at AR Motorcycles, Lowestoft in March 2016. Since Ownership in March, My friend has had nothing but trouble with this scooter.

    Within weeks this so-called "BRAND NEW" scooter started breaking down.

    Won't start (Or very hard to start - more so when wet, Rainy or Fog, Misty) Even when covered up
    Main Stand breaks
    Won't start (The shop claim - It's carburetor problems)
    Won't start (They claim it's the starter)
    Main Stand breaks
    Won't start - Oh we think it's a fuel problem
    Won't Start - The Spark plug cap has shattered
    Main Stand breaks (Oh we have altered the stand made shorter so it won't break any more)

    BRAND NEW Scooter, Is Always breaking down or has another NEW FAULT right from the first few weeks

    The bike has broken down Numerous times (At least 10 times now) , The main stand has broken at least 4 times and had a quick repair done. Now the back wheel sits firmly on the ground when the bike is on the main stand.

    The RUDE Woman at the shop started to insult obese people by saying to me, I should not let people over 28 stone sit on the scooter. WHAT!! Is the woman on, My friend is about 5' 4" tall, Size 12 and her weight is about 11 stone. She also do NOT let anyone sit on her scooter.

    4th time lucky (or not) After cutting the stand down to size and allowing the back wheel on the ground, even when you kick-start the back wheel sits, spin on the ground, now to wear the Tyre slowly away.

    So they fixed the stand for the FORTH TIME, And guess what?

    Within ONE week, The scooter had broken down yet again, But this time they think it might be the carburetor. And because she was just around the corner from the shop when the scooter broke down she pushed the bike at 56 years old to the A & R shop when the man looked at me gone out, as if to say you can't leave it today.

    Now, She was told the scooter is all in BITS at A & R Motorcycles (A Brand New scooter) And that's how this scooter has been from Brand New and Under 2 years old. It's hardly used by this Lady who covers up and treasure this useless B of S that was sold to her by CROOKS

    They charge her every time to pick it up
    They charge her every time to fix it
    They charge her every time for parts

    This scooter is NOT even 2 years until March 2018, It's had every Service done and paid for.

    A & R Motorcycles, of Lowestoft, Suffolk have said numerous times about a NEW replacement scooter, But that's just as far as it gets.

    Clearly it's to fob-my-friend-off, With Lies, Broken promises, All they do is BODGE the faults as they keep happening and move on to the next fault because of this very POORLY made scooter from A & R Motorcycles who keep fobbing my friend of with lies and Bodge repairs.

    She loses time off work, has to Bus or Taxi to/from work ALL because this Scooter from A & R Motorcycles WILL NOT START, KEEPS BREAKING DOWN.

    Time and time again she has told the shop it will not start in the wet, mist/fog or breaks down in the RAIN. But they say cannot find the problem.

    Screaming at them - It's the f**king damp, rain, wet getting into the HT side of things. So replace, TREAT or cover the HT and and other cables that seem to be getting WET. Maybe when serviced you left off a cover, rubber or altered something.

    This make/model Sinnis scooter clearly has Issues, And very poor Factory Faults/Issues which A & R Motorcycles seem to know about but doing nothing about it except repairing these problems and Factory Faults.

    A & R Motorcyles Customer services is well below par

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    why not just return the scooter and have them replace it I would demand they took the scooter back and sorted out the problems

    good luck
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    Hi peeps, Firstly welcome to the forums A & R Sorry to hear your mate has been sold a dodgy scooter. I work with customers and do contracts where the customer(s) are always right, even when wrong my Boss say they are right because they are paying customers who can ruin a business if unhappy and decide to tell others more so now days with the Internet.

    Keep us informed and hope the shop begin to understand your friend is an unhappy customer who need a replacement scooter but somehow I think it maybe to late.
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    I agree Slim, with the internet, social media sites it's so easy to damage someones or a company's reputation these days. This complaint alone could of cost A & R Motorcycles Thousands of pounds and lost new customers just by reading the complaint. Very damaging but you know what, if they can not deliver or respect paying customers, Then down the plug hole they will go.

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