A R Motorcycles Brand New Scooter - Nothing but Trouble

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  1. Disappointed & Let Down by A & R Motorcycles At Lowestoft, Suffolk - Bike Shop

    Brand New Sinnis Shuttle Scooter - Nothing but Trouble
    Life went from a Proud owner of a brand new scooter to a scooter owner who's 2 wheels just keeps breaking down within months of buying it.
    Now it's almost every week and the problems are getting worse.

    I brought a brand new 125cc Sinnis Shuttle Scooter from AR Motorcycles, Lowestoft in March 2016 and since March: The bike has broken down Countless times. The first 3 months the scooter was running fine But than, Problems started, So AR Motorcycles was called out. I was told It was newbie/owner error. Feeling embarrassed I went away thinking it was my fault. So when the problem happened again, I never called AR Motorcycles right away, because they had told me it was Owner error.

    It was pointed out to me - It was NOT my fault. A friend who has had motor-bikes and cars all his life, pointed out to me it's down to Misty, damp cold weather. The scooter clearly has issues and do NOT like the cold, damp, wet weather and as become a problem to start in the mornings or when left long periods in these damp conditions.

    I was told by my friend to buy a good scooter cover. Cover it up every night and in the mornings, Un-cover the scooter and try to kick-start the scooter first than use the Electric start. This works every time now for me In the cold winter months when the scooter is working and not something else broken down on the damn thing.

    In the summer when it's really sunny/warm I'm having NO problems starting the scooter. So why did the shop not tell me this in the first place? Instead of blaming and billing me.

    I almost forgot, only 2 months ago ( Back in May) The scooter broke down, yet again and this time the Spark plug cap had apparently Broke, Split or Shattered A & R Motorcycles told me. So I was OFF the road yet again for another couple of days. And cost me MORE MONEY, Every time the Scooter BREAKS DOWN it cost me money - including collection fees.

    The main stand has broken 4 times now and had a quick repair job by A & R (4 times speaks for it's self) The first time, the RUDE Woman at the shop insulted me by saying I shouldn't let anyone over 28 stone sit on the bike, (I am ONLY 5' 5" tall and size 12) and weigh about 11 stone. I am NOT OBESE. I am the only person who has ever sat on my scooter and that was NOT while on any stand. They picked up the bike last weekend (Friday 7th JULY 2017) to fix the stand for the forth time, They have fitted or altered the stand to a much shorter size. People say this proves it's a common fault with the stand design - NOT me or a 28 stone person sitting on the scooter.

    Now a week later (Friday 14th July 2017) it's broke down yet again, But this time they think it maybe the carburetor. And because I was just around the corner from the shop when it broke down I decided to push the bike to the shop - and the man at AR Motorcycles looked at me gone out, as if to say you can't leave it here today.
    (I'm a 56 year old female) what did he expect me to do. Push the scooter home (over 6 miles) and push it back the next day!! I would NOT expect any customer to do that, Let alone a 56 year old female, A paying customer and the scooter was still under guarantee.

    They have said numerous times about a NEW replacement scooter, But that's just to "fob-me-off" with broken promises talk and they just keep on repairing the faults as they happen.

    I keep losing time off work, or have to walk, bus or taxi to and from work. The Sinnis shuttle scooter clearly has Issues which AR Motorcycles MUST know about but keep kicking the TRUTH to one side. Very poor Customer services and well below par.

    The shop is up for sale and no wonder when they treat paying customers like S**T and sell Scooters that seem faulty and just keep doing bodge repairs at my expense. The scooter is ONLY 16 months old & Broken Down numerous times (At least 8 + times.)

    (UPDATE) Yesterday, Saturday 15th July I got a phone call from AR Motorcycles saying they have BAD NEWS about my scooter that's ONLY 16 months old. They have managed to get the scooter started, BUT it now have NO DRIVE - So when the throttle is revved the scooter do NOTHING
    It do NOT move.

    All I have had from this 125cc Sinnis shuttle scooter problem after problem after problem. It's clearly a FAULTY death trap and a serious accident is just waiting to happen. What can I do? All AR Motorcycles seem to do is point the finger at me and say new owner error, I weigh 28 stone or letting people over 28 stone sit on the scooter (Which they say is breaking the stand.) This is NOT true, It seem like a common FAULT.

    This has to be truly unacceptable. I brought this Scooter Brand new in March 2016 with the understanding it was going to be a reliable, working vehicle in this day and age to get me back and forth to work, NOT keep BREAKING DOWN every month and now it's every week.

    (UPDATE) Good Morning to everyone... Well today, Monday 17th July - I have been on the phone again to AR Motorcycles (Lowestoft) asking about my Scooter, And been informed it's all in BITS, Spread across the workshop floor while they try to find the PROBLEM(s). It's now been Friday - Tuesday (5 days) WITH-OUT my scooter or any transport, Again NO apology NO offer of a loan scooter so I can travel back and forth to work. And still NO offer of a NEW replacement scooter.

    Clearly I am being taking for a fool. Anyone had the same problems can point me in the correct direction, where I can seek help and support. I will be grateful.

    (FINAL UPDATE) For July. Had a phone call saying my scooter has been REPAIRED and is
    working again. The scooter was only managing 30 mph - So they say a value clearance check and Adjustment made where required. Carburetor has been stripped and and checked for blockages. Nothing detected, but Jets and Ports have been cleaned still. Vehicle now starts and Idle OK. But won't rev-up. Spark plug strength checked and seem weak, We did a coil swap, bypassed various electric connector (side stand and kill switch) We now suspect it maybe CDI Unit at fault, so a replacement (It don't say IF NEW or 2nd hand) and no further running problems.

    SADLY: I was still charged yet again for the problems that keep recurring with this Sinnis Shuttle Scooter from AR Motorcycles, Lowestoft.

    A & R Motorcycles & Unhappy Customer Story

    (UPDATE:) May Wednesday 30th/05/2018 - So this morning I got up ready to go to my Mum's who has been really ill (in and out of hospital) I un-covered the scooter, got my helmet & stuff on kick started the scooter, it started but after a minute or two it cut out. Itried again and again to start it but no luck. Here we go again. It had ben damp the day before (Misty) but since the scooter was covered-up I didn't think it would be any problem. (It was). So now at 57 years old I had to walk about 4 miles to help my ill Mum & walk home again after ding the cleaning & cooking etc for her & her husband in his 80's.

    So today - 31st/05/2018 - I again un-cover the scooter thinking it's dry outside, maybe had time to dry out & use the scooter to get to my Mum's again. Started the scooter, and same again - couple minutes in stopped yet again, started it and again stalled happed about 3 times so forced to end up walking yet again.

    No wonder A & R Motorcycles are selling up.... GRAB the Customers money -Quick Run - Still no apology, Still no replacement scooter still no "Bring the scooter in & will will repair it FREE OF CHARGE".

    My friends told me not to use A & R Motorcycles in the first place. I should of listened to good advice. I've been RIPPED OFF with a dodgy scooter (and it was brand new) or meant to be.
    Now I share my bad experiences to WARN others about the very poor service & scooters they are fobbing customers off with.

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