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    Hello I registered to let anyone thinking of going with BT fibre be warned PRICES are on the rise yet again. I was bombard with emails asking us to sign a new contract about 3 months ago, Even had letters requesting we contact BT and to keep our fibre to sign a new 18 month contract blar blar blar. NOTHING was said about yet another PRICE SCAM/HIKE but today we had an email from them telling us that another PRICE RISE will be here in Sept 2018


    On 16 September 2018 your monthly price will increase by:

    Broadband and Calls £2.50

    ( BELOW IS THE email we got today) Of course I removed any personal details.. But for those plaining to use BT be WARNED they are after YOUR money again. Can't wait til the end of our contract to leave and go else where.

    BT <>
    To: <REMOVE>


    We're writing to let you know the price you pay for your BT services will be changing from 16 September 2018. We've put the changes in a simple table below for you. If you have BT Plus, you will not be affected by the broadband price change outlined in this email.

    We're constantly investing so that we can bring our customers the best experience. Plus, we're working towards answering 100% of calls in the UK and Ireland to help our customers quicker than ever before.

    You can get even more from your BT broadband service

    We've put together a personalised package to help you get even more from your broadband service.

    Here's how we're making your BT experience even better

    Peace of mind when you're online
    As a valued BT Broadband customer we want to keep you and your family safe online – that's why we give you the UK's most comprehensive security cover worth over £100 a year, for free. Just go to My BT to make sure you've opted in.

    We're making Caller Display free
    Caller Display will be free from 1 October 2018. Which means that seeing who's calling and deciding whether to pick up the phone won't cost you a penny. Go to My BT to make sure you've opted in.

    We're reducing nuisance calls
    BT Call Protect helps protect you from unwanted nuisance calls. It has already diverted over 105 million calls for our customers and it's included with your package at no extra cost. Go to My BT to make sure you've opted in.

    If you want to leave and you're within your minimum contract term, you'll need to call us within 30 days from the date of this email to avoid paying a charge for leaving early. You'll need to give us 30 days' notice to leave (or 14 days if you're switching to a new provider). We won't charge you for any increase in price during that time.

    Thank you for choosing us – and we hope you continue to get the best out of our services.

    Julie Etheridge
    Customer Care
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    Good evening BT CON (like the usr name by the way) I have been checking out BT fibre and they seem to be really desperate because they are offering new customers £100 off 18 month plans. But they charge way more then most for the same bundle. Then if they bump up the price every few months after the 18 month contract it won't take long to get that and more money back.

    Working at your £2.50 price bump it's another £30 a year and think you said they bumped it up twice so around £60 a year more.
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    I was on BT Fibre about 3 year ago now and terrible outfit, like you bt con prices was rising it's seems when they felt like it, also forced into a 2 year contract or lose my internet, speeds. Have you noticed you never get the full speed? That's because BT take back some of YOUR bandwidth and SELL it to those on mobiles and roaming data for (back then) something like £4.?? a month. So you pay for your data, they take some back and sell on. Lastly, How many sites have they banned or blocked you getting access to? It must be in the hundreds if not thousands now in 2018.

    And BT cannot work out why there customers are dropping like flies. They also use to bill us, because we NEVER used the phone to make voice calls. Can't think how much about £10. Just for not picking up the phone and making a call and chatting to someone. That's what mobiles are for, Aren't they?

    Bail out soon as you can shop around you will find much better deals at lower cost over BT rip-off costs

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