Cancer Research UK are EVIL read this amature re-searchers report

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    I found this on the Internet and have decided to share with you

    It's now a fact - Cancer Research UKOne Big Scam

    Once quite a rare disease, cancer is the second major cause of death in Western countries such as Australia, USA and the United Kingdom. It is said that the increase in cancer is due to the fact that people now live longer than their ancestors did, and that therefore, the increase of cancer deaths and incidents is typical of most Western nations.

    Ever wondered why, despite billions of pounds spent on cancer research over many decades, and the constant promise of a cure which is forever ‘just around the corner’, cancer continues to increase?

    Linus Pauling PhD (Two time noble prize winner) argues that: “Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organisations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them”.

    With this is mind, and with cancer being a personal subject for me I decided to delve into Cancer Research UK and examine exactly what they do in fighting the cause.
    Each year the organisation has thousands of women take to the streets, dressed in pink to run a mini marathon in order to raise money for research into the causes of cancer and to find that ever elusive cure.

    Each year we are told the same old story. How we are ‘almost there’ and that we are ‘on the brink of finding the cure’. How long are we to be sucked in by the same lies again and again?

    The Truth. Cancer Research UK already know the causes of cancer and how to prevent it. However, according to Dr. Robert Sharpe, ‘in our culture, treating disease is enormously profitable, preventing is not’. The harrowing truth ladies and gentlemen, however, we are not entirely naive to this statement. Deep down we know this is a profitable business rather than a charity. Do we not?

    Okay, so lets talk facts… Ah, that’s the problem, there barely is any. Their ever slick, well-designed website seems to give you the runaround. It is vague with hardly any concrete or specific information. Link goes to link with uncertainty and promises. On their website nothing at all is mentioned about what treatment Cancer Research UK has invented, pioneered, trialled or tested.

    In fact, Since 2002 when cancer research UK started - It's NEVER CURED anyone person of cancer. People need to WAKE UP... They take your money & claim to be looking for a cure.

    There are mentions of certain drugs including Tamoxifin and Herceptin. These drugs have in fact been around for years, my mother had to travel to America in order to receive this treatment. If these drugs were currently and readily available in America than why was it not in the UK? Two words, pride and money. Even though these drugs were available in other countries the UK did not want to buy the research from America, they wanted to find the solution themselves. Meanwhile, women who could not afford to travel to the states were deprived of a life-saving drug.

    Eventually, when Cancer Research UK found the formula for Herceptin you were only allowed to have this treatment for a year at the cost of £15,000 to the individual. A drug that has kept my mother alive for over seven years so far. What is the point in giving and fundraising for all this research when we don’t have the money to pay for it in our hospitals?

    One research that the charity did successfully carry out was for the drug Sutent. This drug is used to treat a type of kidney cancer called renal cell carcinoma, RNC. It was believed that Sutent would help extend life expectancy by at least two years. The drug was put forward to NICE, and rejected on the grounds of simply cost. I reiterate, what is the point in pumping all the money into the research when the country can not afford to administer the drugs.

    The website claims that –

    “Cancer Research UK is the European leader in the development of novel anti-cancer treatments.”
    “We are training the next generation of cancer scientists and doctors”
    “More than a million people donate regularly to Cancer Research UK”
    “Over one million women have walked, jogged or run in one of our Race for Life events’

    These quotes above are on their website. There were none about lives saved by the research that the volunteers and donators are paying for. No facts about what medicines/drugs etc have been developed are in the pipeline.

    Okay, so lets talk numbers. Last year £460 million was raised for Cancer Research UK. Cancer Research admits that they spend £130 million pounds on actually generating those funds! 2.5 million pounds on Supporter Relationship Management. This is a strategy for the management of future fund-raising.

    They proclaim that the work they do actually cost them, last year 341 million pounds, so they are in fact saying they are just about breaking even.

    Here is a list of employees and their pay:

    3,935 employees receiving up to £60,000 per year
    38 employees receiving up to £70,000 per year
    30 employees receiving up to £80,000 per year
    21 employees receiving up to £90,000 per year
    9 employees receiving up to £100,000 per year
    7 employees receiving up to £110,000 per year
    1 employee receiving up to £120,000 per year
    4 employees receiving up to £130,000 per year
    3 employees receiving up to £140,000 per year
    2 employees receiving up to £150,000 per year
    2 employees receiving up to £160,000 per year
    1 employee receiving up to £260,000 per year

    Total equals £34,170,000 spent on waged employees. This figure does not include bonuses and pensions that these employees are entitled to. I wonder if fund raisers know that their donations/collections are being invested on the stock market and are topping up employees pensions, as well as funding some of the highest paid workers around in a recession?

    Just some simply maths here… £460,000,000 raised for Cancer Research UK last year. Minus the £341,000,000 that was spent on fundraising and the £34,170,000 spent on wages, we are left with a grand total of £84 million. Hardly ground breaking figures, and definitely not enough money to be supporting the research that SHOULD be occurring.
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