Cannabis Related Cannabis ‘social’ club becomes first in UK to be backed by police

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    A cannabis club where people can smoke freely while watching TV or playing pool has been backed by police in the UK. Users at the Teesside Cannabis Club, the first of its kind, pay an annual £35-membership to get high in peace.

    The Middlesbrough club, set up by Michael Fisher four years ago, allows for guests to make use of the Class B drug without fear of getting a criminal record.

    The club has seen its membership balloon from around 60 to 180 in the past 14 months, according to Fisher, and boasts guests including TV star Jeremy Kyle, who visited while shooting his new series the Kyle Files.

    The club resides in the policing district of the Durham Constabulary – one of five forces in the country to have stopped actively chasing cannabis users and small-scale growers.

    The club, which bans the buying and selling of drugs on its premises, is the first of its kind to be embraced by certain authorities, after North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones visited and voiced his appreciation of the scheme.

    “The conversation around cannabis is changing and it is becoming more acceptable to talk about. We don’t feel the need to hide in the shadows about it,” Fisher said, the Daily Mail reports.

    Fisher said he would like his scheme to expand across the country, singling out Durham, where he said he has a “very good relationship” with Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg, who has worked with the club for many years. He also suggested North Wales as a potential future venue for a new club.

    He suggested the expansion of the scheme would provide “strong evidence” for the government to change its regulation of cannabis.

    Jones, who has backed the use of cannabis medicinally, said: “I visited Teeside Cannabis Club because I wanted to see how it was run.

    “There are 150 members paying £35 a year and why not? There are pubs and clubs where people go and drink alcohol so why shouldn’t consenting adults be able to use cannabis recreationally and without causing anyone any harm – and the location is such that there is no NIMBYism.”

    But Simon Stephen, Director of Casework for Addiction UK, and who was an alcohol and drug addict for 17 years, criticized the club saying: “The issue is that self-medication – which most of this is – is problematic.

    “It can lead to addiction and cannabis users normally end up wanting more which can have a destructive impact on their lives.

    “The effect lasts for over 24 hours. How would you feel if your bus driver was driving you after smoking?

    “Your life can get to the point where you spend all your money on cannabis.”

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    Of course it's good news, In fact it's brilliant news and cannabis should NEVER be illegal in the first place. You have pubs and wine bars to go and consume the poison alcohol that kills many every day, destroy lives, families and relationships, fighting, rapes and much more. So why not have cannabis clubs Even legal to grow and consume as Adults in the homes. It allow people to socialize in peace, Plus cannabis is something like 114 x Safer than alcohol and much Safer than tobacco.
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    This is a great Idea, people can get together and socialize while using cannabis BRILLIANT and before the faggots start bitching about it, I see it's no different from popping to a local Pub or Wine bar and having a few pints of a drug called alcohol.

    It's one of the biggest questions I am always asked. Aren't you worried about growing cannabis?
    Clearly NO - I am doing NO wrong. I am well over 18 years of age
    I only grow 3 plants at any one time (For my personal use) A choice I make instead of using alcohol or tobacco as my recreational choice
    I grow cannabis as a hobby (3 female plants at any one grow since 2009 - newbie) and NEVER sell, Never provide to Children or Teenagers. Not because the law say, But because I say it's wrong.

    So what am I doing wrong? NOTHING - It's the corrupt police, gov and the corrupt people - IF the police want to really arrest drug dealers who are making billions £££££ off selling to Children and people, get to your local PUBS, WINE BARS, Corner shops that sell tobacco, cigarettes or alcohol to people. Than we have the prescription drug users or those whose consume sugar.

    I have a next door neighbor, nearly 70yrs old and always NAG about those who use drugs saying they should be executed. And there he stands, with a hand made tobacco cigarette, he talks about the 10 different types of prescription drugs he claim he has to consume every day. And he likes a wee glass of whiskey or a beer.

    Hang on WTF? He drinks Alcohol, do 10+ prescription drugs every day and smoke tobacco and f**king moan about people like me smoking cannabis. Talk about a 2-faced f**king RETARD
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    Found this write up :

    Cannabis social club is first to be supported by UK police

    Teesside Cannabis Club, a cannabis social club in Middlesbrough and the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, is backed by local police. Users at the club can smoke weed without the fear of getting arrested or getting a criminal record.

    Teesside Cannabis Club, along with its private members club called Club Exhale, was set up four years ago by Michael Fisher, and it allows guests to freely consume cannabis, a Class B drug in the UK, as they play pool, watch TV, and eat food. In the past 14 months alone, membership at the club has gone up from 60 to 180. Many of the club’s members travel from Scotland and Ireland to light up a joint.
    Legitimate business protected by police

    The club is located in the Durham policing district, which is one of only five forces in the UK to have stopped chasing weed users and small-scale cannabis growers actively.

    Technically, using cannabis is still illegal in the UK, but Fisher said they have a relationship with the local authorities.

    According to Fisher, they pay their taxes and they have reached an agreement with the police. He said that while there are other cannabis clubs in the country, Teesside Cannabis Club is unique as they are operating as a legitimate business.

    Members smoke weed in the club’s consumption room and Fisher said there haven’t been any issues with disorder at their events or at the club. There have also been no criminal problems linked to them.

    It seems that most of the problems with violent and anti-social behaviors are associated with alcohol, he added.

    Selling and buying drugs at the club is strictly prohibited. The club also runs a no-alcohol policy.
    Doing well financially

    Club Exhale members cough up a £35 annual fee in order to have access to the club and its amenities. The club has three rooms: a chill room, a game room, and a TV room. It also has a canteen where members can buy food in case they get the munchies.

    In fact, Fisher said that most of their earning is from refreshments. The most popular of its snack items is the chocolate and hot toasties. The club also earns money from selling tickets to special events.

    And thanks to special events and refreshments, the club earned £3,000 a night over the Christmas season.

    The venue also regularly holds a cannabis smoking group.
    Looking to expand

    Fisher said that he plans to set up more cannabis clubs across the country, with Durham and Wales being the next logical step. He said he can also see opening up Club Exhales in the South.

    He also wants to see more varied demographics at the club. According to him, they have a lot of pensioners, so they are trying to attract a younger set of clients.

    Thus, Club Exhale is now offering a student discount (for students over 18 years old).

    Fisher added that they are also trying to get more women to become members as they make up only 8 percent of the club’s population.
    What does a Club Exhale membership entail?

    A membership to Club Exhale gives you a club membership card that is valid for one year. It gives you access to the club, which features a fully stocked clubhouse complete with refreshments, pool tables, and PS4. The annual membership fee also includes discounted tickets for parties and events, discounted seeds and club merchandise, as well as discounts with local retailers.

    The club does not sell cannabis as it is against the law. Instead, it encourages members to grow their own cannabis as it is the safest and cheapest way for them to acquire cannabis.

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