DWP forced me into crimes to survive

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    I went from a middle aged 56 year old unemployed person looking for work, In December 2012 to A Criminal, Stealing food from shops to eat, And commenting other crimes all because I needed to Eat and Survive.

    DWP worker stopped my money based on Assumptions. - It left me feeling desperate and depressed. I was disgusted how this slag "Fiona Howlett" could just stop my money based on her lies. It just makes me angry that vulnerable people are having this done to them daily. We are talking about people’s lives. It's appalling how the DWP are allowed to treat people in this way.

    I am always hearing people say, Imagine living for a couple of weeks without any JSA money, well to cut a long story short, I have not had A penny from the DWP because this woman claimed I was not at the address back in December 2012 and went on to say many other lies to cover up her mistake(s).

    Most of you will know, when homeless, the Council will ask you, do you have family or friends you can go stay with. Or the Job-centre asks you for a bank account to pay your JSA money into and an address where you are living. Without these you will NOT get PAID. So I stayed at A friends, sleeping on the settee as A couch surfer, Getting my life back on track, Attending ALL that was required from the DWP, Doing Job search, applying for jobs, attending all my appointments.

    So this rotten, fat slag, who by the way use to be a local whore in her younger days first accused me of not claiming for the address I was staying at, And she changed her excuses to I had been sleeping with a Gay female, (How preposterous is that) And then claimed the 8 feet x 12 feet Kitchen was far too small for more than one person to cook in. And she went on to say I was an Alcoholic (I have not had a drink since 2009), I gave up drinking because of my illness,

    I don't smoke Cigarettes or Drink and she finally settled on well there is plenty of private properties around I could rent. I know I could rent private property, But firstly I would have to borrow between £600 to £1,000 for a deposit.

    A couple of people I know offered me a room to stay for a weekly fee. Sadly I quickly moved out after a month because this person was going though my personal belonging when I was out, Lastly he was dealing drugs.

    So I moved out and went back on the streets for a while and some time later he got busted for dealing drugs. (Lucky I wasn't still there - Maybe she would of called be a druggy or dealer).

    Anyway, I was offered a settee to sleep on and accepted the offer because it was it was cheaper to share the cost of everything like food, cooking utilities, washing etc just like students and people do now days).

    And my punishment by this X-Whore, Fiona Howlett, for sharing a property, sleeping on a settee instead of the streets was Stopping my JSA (Universal Credit) money. Since then, I have been forced to live a life of CRIMES.

    This X old whore even tried to pressure me to move out, and into my own rental accommodation. And said they will then pay me JSA (Universal Credit) again. But this mean I would struggle to live and get into Debt, It would cost the tax-payer extra money, About £100 a week alone just for rented accommodation. This just did not make any sense at all. Clearly at this point this whore was struggling for excuses now.

    So, No JSA (Universal Credit) money unless I obey this ugly Fat Slag's demands, Allowing her to Dictate and Bully me into how I live my life or where I should live. I wonder if it's a personal grudge because I know she use to lay on her back & sex with many diffrent males.

    So for the first couple month, I was living with next to nothing, selling all my personal belongings for money to buy food and when I had nothing else left to sell I was down to bread and jam, pre-packed pies and other foods stolen from shops or going in bins to eat. C.A.B said they and local food banks could only help me for the first 3 weeks after that I was on my own.

    I sleep where ever I can couch surf, or sleep rough on the streets (Mostly in the summer) stealing food and doing other crimes to get food.

    I do not agree with what I am forced to do, and feel ashamed, but when you have to go with-out food for days. I Have NO choice but to break the law, I need to Eat. You try going without food for days and see how it feels. Some of you are young, healthy, lucky to have a job, some kind of income or a family to support you, I don't.

    Many who are sanctioned or homeless don't go out just to steal and be cool. They do it to Survive and eat.

    I have never hated anyone or wished any harm to anyone until now. I hate this lying Fat slag Fiona Howlett so much, I hope she has a Family member who get CANCER - DIE and ROT IN HELL. I can not wait to meet up with her again. But that's not up for discussion here.

    Law Breaker
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    Hi lawbreaker, Wonder if you have access to free-view TV? Channel 30 5star it's about those on Benefits millionaire shoplifters It was on tonight (Sunday) 8.00 til 9.00pm The reason I ask, a guy on show wasted £400 on gambling so he trotted off to the food bank and got a free food handout worth about £40 + of free food. And the guy who gets around a £1,000 a month and just waste most of it. Crazy and people like yourself get NO money from the dwp and struggle to live and have to commit plenty of crimes just to eat.

    Did Stephen pm you about the King Arthur movie? If not let me know (message me)

    enjoy the rest of the day
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    We always seem to have just one brain-dead , Ignorant person. So let's see if I can clear a couple of things up. Firstly I'm 100% White and British (born and Breed), Both my parents = 100% White also born right here in the UK = 100% Brits. Finally, My grand parents are also 100% White and Born right here in the UK too. I think that makes me 100% British. I am not a Faker that has parents non-British but say they are British because they was born in the UK. I can go back at least 3 generations all White and born in Britain.

    So now that's cleared up, Think next time before you post silly comments Guest.
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  4. Lawbreaker

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    Hi Slim, NO missed the TV program you speak of but so many people waste money while others in the same boat as me have to suffer. I was just reading how so many people are turning to food banks, homeless, and deeply into debt because of this Conservative gov, the dwp stopping peoples money and so-on. Crazy people should rise up against this Conservative gov, protest, and make sure they get out and VOTE Labour or anyone except Conservatives if you want a better life. It's simple, IF you don't want Conservative in power get off your fat butts and vote. As for dwp, attack them like people use to back in the 70's and 80's.

    King Arthur movie, Yep Stephen messaged me with all I needed. Great movie. If I was to rate it 8 out of 10 thought it was going to be boring but once past the first 15 plus minutes I really got into it. Well worth the watch.

    Right have a good day friend, chat soon
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    Personally I do not think this would be the correct way for LB to go. I try to understand his frustration and bitterness towards someone lying about his situation. I would feel very angry too. But to use a blade is NOT the answer.
  7. Lawbreaker

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    Latest update folks: DWP - (Department for Work & Pensions) already know I get NO money from them. They also have access to check to see if I have a job or not (which I don't), but have now got another Debt collection agency RESOLVECALL dot CO dot UK to contact me only 5 months after the last debt collection agency "Advantis" was assigned to collect money ( I don't have).

    So firstly, I use free internet where ever I can because I have NO/ZERO Income, NO mobile phone and NO money to use a public call box. So 3 times I tell this company Resolvecall I can ONLY communicate reply to your letters via emails (Electronic mail) 3 times and you know what they sent me a email reply asking me NOT to contact them by email but to write or phone them.

    Resolvecall went on to say that DWP (The clients) have said we must not use emails because my personal details are at risk. Now I'm thinking you sent a letter by a postal service containing my personal details, Hello the letter went to a c/o address, it could of been lost or delivered to a wrong address, where also my personal details could of been read.

    So below is the email reply I got from Resolvecall :

    Good afternoon,

    Thank you for sending us an email. Whilst your email will be dealt with, to safeguard your data and personal information our client has requested that we do not discuss this matter via email.

    In future please contact us using the following methods:

    Telephone: 0141 212 8485

    Post: Resolvecall Ltd

    2nd Floor

    Spectrum Building

    55 Blythswood Street


    G2 7AT

    Yours sincerely,

    Correspondence Team

    Correspondence Department

    Telephone: 0141 243 4860

    Resolvecall Limited
    Spectrum House • 55 Blythswood Street • Glasgow • G2 7AT

    Resolvecall Limited

    Resolvecall Limited Registered in Scotland - No. SC127277

    :confused: confused, me too. NO money and they want me to phone them. I believe letters or making a phone call are NO safer than emails. And now, Nearly a week and they have not spoken to me since I told them to put this (Above request not to email) in writing on letter headed paper and ask the DWP to confirm this also on letter headed paper.

    I have NO F**KING money for phone calls or stationery and 3 times I have told them . So can anyone HELP me please, Can I legally request to use emails? Which is electronic letters.

    So if any Trolls are reading this or Spammers - Why not start spamming or Trolling Resolvecall and do a fellow friend a favor.
  8. liam

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    You said: So can anyone HELP me please, Can I legally request to use emails?

    A: Of course you can reply by emails. Or hand writing on paper, you may also use a word processor and print your letter and post to them. You could call them by telephone or any other way that's available.

    They replied with: Thank you for sending us an email. Whilst your email will be dealt with, to safeguard your data and personal information our client has requested that we do not discuss this matter via email.

    A: This is fake information because if this debt collection company or the Department for work and Pensions (DWP) was concerned about your personal data why would they use the Postal services or even request you telephone them? As none is a 100% safe way to pass any personal data to or from anyone.

    I would even claim the DWP are associated-Part of the debt collection company.

    The councils do similar to get extra money in to top-up what the UK-Gov has taking away from them which helps pay for other services in the area like "The elderly support in care homes" and more. I know this for a fact because I have a family member who work at my local council.
  9. santa

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    Hello lawbreaker, you get no income so stop worrying. With no income how can you even start to make an offer to pay money back. Tell them you get no income so cannot make any offer unless you go begging or turn to breaking the law and crimes to get the money. If it's what they want demand they put this in writing or ask them to contact the clients and get it in writing to cover you if you have to go street begging or turn to crimes to rise the money. And if you get arrested show the letter to the police.
  10. Lawbreaker

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    Friday 8th/12/2017 - Update: Can you believe the cheek of these people at Resolvecall. Here is what they said (will have to get these letter digitally scanned): Anyway

    Dear (my name)


    We are sorry you feel you cannot talk to us about your debt

    We are keen to understand your circumstances so that we can agree on a plan with you to deal with your debt at a rate that is affordable to you.

    We will always accept any reasonable offers and if you need time to pay, please let us know and we will do whatever we can to help you.

    Dealing with debt is tough and we are here to help make it easier for you. Call one of our agents on 1041 212 8500 who are ready to assist you.

    Now I am thinking to myself are these people Ignorant? Stupid? Have my emails explaining I have NO income fell on deaf. What the hell is wrong with these people, It's beginning to feel like I am talking to the DEPARTMENT OF WORK AND PENSIONS. No one is willing to give a name on any letters or emails.

    And if you read back on the email reply they sent me before telling me we cannot communicate any more by email they claim the client = DWP said
    And lastly, What do they not get when I explain I have no source of Income, NONE ZERO NIL Income so am I meant to make any offer? Do they want me to commit crimes, steal, rob people or what I have NO F**King Money or Income the DWP stopped my money.

    If anyone can give me some advice on how to reply yet again to these people and latest letter. PLEASE can anyone help me explain to these people.

    Thanks for reading and have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
  11. Ricky

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    I just do not get how you manage in life lawbreaker but well done full respect to you for getting along without money
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  12. slim

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    Morning Ricky, I think you will find LB has access to money now. It's been about 5 years now since this Fiona Howlett stopped his money, Forcing him to stealing food from shops etc for the first 6 months. He hooked up with a cpl new friends who helped him learn the ropes (so to speak) and now for 5 years he has turned to crimes to get food and money.

    He do pop in to the forums but sometimes it's week before we hear anything.
  13. Sam

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    hi, you say no money for this many years 5 how come you live for so long with no food not possible
  14. slim

    slim Super Moderator

    Hi Sam, LB ain't been around for awhile, So in his absence it's only right you read his first post where I believe he said he was forced to stealing food from shops and went on to other crimes to get money to save and pay his way. For you or me, it's a matter of if you want to but new shoes or food we dip into our wages, weekly money. For LB if he want new shoes, toiletries etc he has to go steal them or do crimes to get the money first. He has been forced to live a completely different life.

    Read his first post which may clear up any questions

  15. Anonymous

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    what's happened to lawbreaker Slim Heard anything from him. Hope he's still alive and well. Many things that man said has come true.

    I know you was in touch with him, so give my regards if/when you speak again.
  16. Clinton

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    You know I have full respect for Lawbreaker because most people would of caved in and allow those at the Unemployment to bully them into making a dodgy claim, moved out into costly rently, but NO, this guy has stood his ground. OK so he now is forced to break the law just to get money & food to live. To put yourself at risk by committing crimes every week for the last 5 - 6 years is a huge commitment

    If my maths are correct Lawbreaker has been forced to break the law at least 312 times @ one crime per week UK police say Burglaries are up 21% but what get my goat is, the police say it's due to police cuts, When IF everyone stopped to look at the bigger picture. Crimes are on the rise 95% per cent of the time due to people struggling to live, with prices rising so fast people are struggle to buy food, pay bills just to name two. It's really not just because police cuts.

    Who should we blame? Good question. I personally blame the Tories (British Gov) And I strongly believe if the Tories get in again this country willl sink to it knees, People will be even worse off than we are now in 2018.

    Anyway, Hats off to Lawbreaker for standing up for his rights with full respect
  17. Mr. Ward

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    I read though your story & wish to ask since your circumstances changed how many crimes do you think you have commited In about six years?

    And do you have any regret?

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