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    Grandma who says cannabis is the best painkiller even has it sprinkled on cheese on toast

    A grandmother who lives in constant pain from Multiple Sclerosis has hailed the impact of cannabis on her health.

    Sue Cox believes the drug works better than medically prescribed pills when it comes to relaxing her muscles and preventing ‘painful’ spasms.

    The 65-year-old usually smokes cannabis but occasionally treats herself by sprinkling it on cheese on toast.

    Sue, from Cwmbran in Wales, has spoken out to express her frustration that she has to resort to obtaining the substance illegally if she wants to use it, even though it has a better effect than her medication.

    She said: ‘The thing for MS that they try is nerve-blocking medications that people use for epilepsy.

    ‘To be quite honest the side effects were too bad and for me they don’t work.

    ‘There were a lot of them I tried and then of course they give you morphine, which I didn’t like to take and it didn’t actually stop the pain either.

    ‘I smoked cannabis as a 17 or 18-year-old and basically I knew how it made me feel then.

    ‘It relaxes you. That’s it in a nutshell. Your muscles feel totally tight all the time and then you will have a spasm which is quite painful and you want to try and avoid that. And I find that the cannabis can help with the tension in the muscles.’

    Sue was diagnosed with MS in 2014 and has been prescribed various different medications by doctors – but none have worked as well as cannabis, she said.

    She has added her voice to calls for the drug to be legalised for medicinal use.

    Last week, we reported that Carol Francey, 70, has been smoking weed for five decades and feels ‘fit as a fiddle’.

    She is an active member of the group Grannies for Green, which successfully campaigned for the drug to be legalised in Canada.

    She said: ‘We need to help older people have a better quality of life and give their families the confidence that their care is compassionate and healthy.

    ‘Cannabis helps you to overcome anxiety about day-to-day life and stop sweating the small stuff.’

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    I have smoked cannabis for years better for you instead of booze or cigarettes, Legalize cannabis for Adult use as an alternative to booze or tobacco. The facts, The End
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    Weed is not just a safer alternative to booze or tobacco. Cannabis along with cannabis extracts like the oil are much safer compared to many prescription drugs. But you will not find the Doctors or Media shouting this because it's so damaging to those companies who produce booze, tobacco and the pharmaceutical companies that's a fact. Most Doctors here in Great Britain where money, back-hander's repeat customers, poor health is all put before the truth and your health.

    Let's now look at Sugar, we all know it's so harmful, dangerous and a KILLER yet all the British gov do is add higher taxes to sugar products like soft drinks which is NOT tackling the real issue but just another cleaver way to baffle "Mr. and Mrs. Average" and steal more money from the public.

    Or chop a chunk off a chocolate bar, keep it the same price and tell the public it contains less fat and sugar. Ask yourself this: How stupid are some people? :rolleyes:

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