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  1. Stranger

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    Good evening everyone, And for those of you who have been following the disgusting abuse from Hardimans estate agents. Well here it starts again, The so called Letting Manger Dawn Mailey MARLA has now contacted us again by email claiming she has send a letter but no letter has been received. Now she is making outrageous, slanderous & malicious claims that I have stolen a piece of garden furniture, namely a garden chair.

    She said: We have had to write to you previously about the theft of a garden seat.

    My reply is "Oh!! you fat liar" Clearly her age is effecting not only her deluded mind but failing her eye-sight too. I took a photo of the garden chair Which clearly is still there.

    DSCN2134_pix1.JPG Please note: 1 x garden chair still in the garden also note 1 x bench just before the deluded old cow accuse me of stealing the bench next. If you enlarge the picture " Bat-eyed Dawn Mailey MARLA" and put your glasses on you will see BOTH The chair & Bench are still in the Garden.

    Maybe IF you spent a little more time being civil instead of scoffing your greedy face full of money you would not have a problem seeing clearly.
  2. slim

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    Good day Stranger, I'm not sure where this letting manger got her information from but clearly the chair is still there. Someone is leading her up the garden path (see what I did there? Joke).

    Did you take the photo? And do you still have the original? Because if yes you can "right click" the photo and get all the details you need from it. Date & time the picture was taking along with other information. But yep, I can clearly see a chair & a bench in fact. Where is that? I may pop along with a van & have them away :rolleyes: only joking but someone will now they have seen them :)

    Have you thought of using one of the photos taking as your personal avatar? Just a thought along with a tease
  3. william

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    Now you have proven the garden chair was not stolen by yourself, or by anyone in fact I expect you had a written apology from the said letting manger at hardimans.
  4. Stranger

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    Hello William, No apology as yet nearly 2 months later. But I have had this person called John banging on the door numerous times since with plenty of made-up stories. His latest was SAT 23rd-06-2018 @ 3.37pm banging on the door. Every minute he banged on the door this went on for at least 2 minutes & making the dog bark. I just could not be bothered to answer the door. He did finally go away, I hate when there is a BUT, but he returned same day SAT 23rd @ 7.03pm & the dog rushed to the door barking again. Lucky for me I had couple friends here who said I should answer the door this time. My friend was armed with a mobile fone in video record mode.

    I swung open the door my friend with the camera recording went outside to record it all, This "THING JOHN" started asking for Alan McNeil A PC Alan McNeil I said no-one by that name lives here, He said I know he do, I need to speak to him I have some Information. I said no-one by the name Alan McNeil lives here, No policeman lives here, NO Scottish Stuart or Sam Church lives here, go away & NEVER come back knocking on my door. I don't know you only as a harassing mental ill, depressing neighbour. Stay away.

    He looked at my friend & asked if he was recording him? Yes was the reply now piss off, Your mental in the head & causing a nuisance at my friends door. I understand you had to leave your last address because you was doing the same. Go away & stay away.
  5. Stranger

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    Sunday 24th-06-2018 @ 7.00pm he was back banging at my door, Asking "Can you here that music" I just closed the door & went back to my Ironing. One of my neighbours had here windows open & playing music, Also over the back in another property someone had music playing. In my personal opinion none of them was loud but they could be heard, I had TV on yet was the one who got the knock at the door from this "THING".

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