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    Hi guys, First published on Google blogs with over 10,000 hits. Google has now removed the page claiming it's Harassment Link was here

    So I re-posted it here to help warn people and lets hope we reach 10,000 hits/views again.
    Copy/paste to your own web-sites or link to this page please.

    Customer's received in-correct, Re-furbished or sold as new Items, Damaged or simply NOT received any goods at all.

    The following complaints are collected from various web sites and forums. Below, you can read a few of the complaints posted by unhappy customers we collected. We just copied & Paste to bring the complaints onto one page.

    ------------- CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS START HERE ------------

    i am still waiting for delivery of almost £2000 of kit ordered last year, hg have promised the kit and tracking numbers for delivery twice in the last two weeks (only after i emailed sage pay and got them to email HG) but no tracking numbers have been sent ( other than an incorrect tracking number sent)and no delivery has been made. I HAVE EMAILED HG TO you will not get a polite email from the company, instead of helping get my order delivered i get emails saying i agreed to the terms and conditions and should not bother them. Well Chris, i did agree to your terms and conditions, shame you cannot keep to the terms and conditions at your end. As i have stated to you in the emails you do not respond to your, terms and conditions state a delivery time of 21 days at worst, today is day 37.


    Well you can add another scam attempt to the list.

    I purchased a PS1 Propagation light from them on the 28th Nov 2011 and it arrived the very next day DAMAGED!
    The box looked like it had been opened and was very tatty. There wasn't any kind of protection as it was just wrapped in very thin black plastic.

    When I contacted them the first thing they tried to pass me off with was there terms and conditions which I wasn't having any of because the order was placed over the phone and they had failed to notify me before the order was placed. This is standard distance selling regulations and have been confirmed with trading standards.

    I was then messed about left right and center and had the phone put down on me 3 times. I was then contacted by a chap called Chris Reynolds who I must say was the biggest idiot I've ever had the miss pleasure of talking to.

    He denied that the item was sent with no protection (even though I supplied photo evidence which they had asked for) and called me a liar and that he trusted his staff (what a joke)

    I then had an email stating that they would have to make a decision and it was going to take up to 30 days.

    This is the WORST company that I have ever dealt with and I truly wish that I had done a bit more research into these known scam artist before I had ordered from them.

    They have now tried to get me to send back the item for a refund but I have stated to them that it was there incompetence that resulted in the item being damaged and not mine so they should arrange a collection so I'm sticking to my guns. Not only that they seem to have a history of asking for damaged items to be sent back and then they don't issue the refund. The evidence for that is all over the net and not only on this website.

    Needless to say I have supplied my bank with all the evidence that I could (including printouts of this very site)
    and am going through the process of a VISA chargeback.

    Anyone that is thinking of buying from this company please think again because it will be a very stressful experience. These people are PROVEN LAIRS and PROVEN SCAMMERS!

    (And the up-date)

    Just to keep you all updated on this matter, I had a telephone call from Mr scam artist Aleman 5 mins ago threatening me that if I don't remove my post on this forum he will forward my address to the police RE: CANNABIS GROWING!


    Whats funny is, is that this idiot doesn't realize I'm using the PS1 propagation light for propagating my seeds for my window seal vegetable grow.

    So we have now established that not only is HG Hydroponics a dodgy company they are
    Also police informants.

    Care to comment Mr Chris 'I'm a grass' Aleman

    anyone any experience with them?.ordered stuff 10 days ago and cant get any replies to emails, no answer from phone no.s and cant make any contact at all.starting to worry obviously.

    I seem to be in the same situation, did you ever get any confirmation that your order was 'processing' I like to think there is a reasonable explanation as it looks like a professional outfit and they have been going a fair while, but I must admit I am also concerned as I have sent several emails and called and left messages.

    Sorry to hear that man, and even more sorry to say its becoming clear that it is just a scam ,sent a angry email and eventually got a reply with a fake dhl code ,and yea i got a receipt thingy with order status: processing too.

    I have the same problem as you guys.They are a scam for shure.I pay them via bank transfer 20 days ago.I got confirmation mail that they recived money,after that nothing.No replays on my emails.
    Did you guys get your stuff?
    I m really worry about that,because i transfer to them a lot of money.
    Do you maybe have a their phone number ?
    Or any advice what can i do?

    This sucks! Same situation as above. Did anyone get their stuff? Any info? I feel really stupid, I should have checked sites first... If any one got their stuff OR has a phone number please let me know!

    hey everyone, sorry to hear about the bad experiences ill be sure to keep HG-hydro on my no list.

    I had a similar experience with a totally unrelated online transaction which basically resulted in the company stealing my money! i went and talked to my banker who told me i would need to file a "reg-e" claim. Basically, your banker files this claim and the money is returned to you while the situation is investigated. If they find the company to be at fault you keep the money, otherwise they take it back. Now i never had to file, because i finally got ahold of someone by phone and just the mention of this "reg-e" resulted in all my money being returned by the company.

    Hope it doesnt come to that, but if it does this seems to be a fairly pain-free way of getting your money back, Good Luck!

    Hi all, I am in the exact same position... transferred a lot of cash into hg-hydroponics account and now all i am receiving in automated responses.....
    My plan of action is this.... if i dont get my product or money back i will be joining every hydro forum i possible can with a view to warning other people about this outfit... secondly, anyone who has been ripped off should go to howard marks site where they advertise and register a complaint with them.... I will be filing in the form stated above and will be reporting them to trading standards for bad business practise.. if they even are a registered business... i will also be making numerous you tube videos about this matter and posting them on you tube... i will be reporting them to the police in my country, and also the police in britain....

    I wil make it my mission to either get my goods/money or make sure no one else is scammed in this way.. i have mailed them with my intentions, have plenty of time on my hands.. and will get this outfit shut down... I am searching for any posts on any other forums and urging people who have had good or bad experiences with hg-hydroponics to post.... it has been two weeks since their bank account received my hard earned cash.. and not a peep.... i will find out where this outfit is based and act accordingly.... I hope others who have experienced this awful customer service/no customer service will post as much as possible about this company... If i hear from them i will post again, x

    I already reported them to my credit card company and they have started investigation.

    Howard Marks website seems to have already kicked him off and have a thread about this guy being a scammer.

    NO luck, no responses from hg-hydroponics although i have sent them numerous emails. I have contacted my cc so hopefully will get the money back, but it is going to be a pain. Still I feel really sorry for those who wired money to this guy.

    One note, this guy did reply to my emails before i placed order and when i had questions about products, but once he got the money there were only automated replies and one "sorry we have been busy, will follow up later" kind of email!
    What a scum bag!

    Well I am in same boat here. I placed order with hg hydro on 13th of feb. And I never recieved a confirmation of shipping or processing.
    I paid with pay pal and I made a dispute in resolution center of which I will advance to a claim.

    I am really hoping that this is not a scam. But the posts here are not looking good.

    yes, it seems a definate scam now please check out my thread on scamwarners.com, if you type in hg-hydrogrow it comes up.... they have found addresses and dissolved businesses all in relation to this one operation..

    I would ask anyone who has a bit of time to place as many orders as possible on this site and click on bank transfer.. this may go some way to messing with this guys head and hopefully bog him, make him think all his xmasses have come at once.. it will only take you a few minutes but may help in eventually getting this site killed.. something i am set on doing.... scamwarners have been very good and hopefully anyone who comes across this site will also come across the posts... his links have also now been removed from the howard marks thread... i would also ask those members of you tube to view his videos and comment as many people may be duped into going into this site through the you tube videos.... even if you havent had dealing with this rip off merchant he gives all hydro shops a bad name, and puts people off online shopping.. so please all take a few minutes and help out, people are being scammed right now as we speak and any little you can do to help will hopefully stop this guy living off being a theiving bastard... peace all xxx

    im in same situation ordered something on 1st april took me 5 email attempts to get a reply saying it has been sent and should be with me by tues if not e-mail them and they'll sort it, its now thurs and still not heard anything

    You can add me to the list of someone that has been ripped off by this seriously suspect company.

    I actually got my product, which seems unique seeing all the negative comments in various forums, but the product was wrong - completely!

    its funny, i lost some stuff to this company a few yrs back, i emailed and im STILL ignored, new managment huh? lmao please

    Im in the same boat, i placed a big order with HG and yes i have received some of the order but not all, now i cant seem to get in contact with them by email phone or the live chat,

    to say i'm not happy is an understatement i was looking for an address so i could find them as i just want it sorted out.

    Well for me I googled 'hg hydroponics" and the word "scam" auto popoulated as a suffix to my search! so of course I clicked on it and this site is at the top of the list in the results page. (try it for your self) I imagine most on this thread did the same.

    hi i used them got my stuff but short of pieces for flood table and pump

    the funniest thing about these guys is they took me for a few hundred and then when i told them even new managment wouldnt help me,i wouldnt give em a f**king dime

    Hi, well it's 2011 July in fact and we just placed an order with you at hg-hydroponics.co.uk on the 10th Sunday ready for the Monday 11th before the 3pm deadline. It's now Wednesday 13th and still NO email to say order has been dispatched, NO email to say out of stock, And now 2 x emails later (sent today) still NO reply from sales or customerservice. Yet if you read your own Delivery F.A.Q.s you claim next day service or 1 - 3 days or if out of stock you will email customers to let them know. We so far have heard NOTHING from you, except A email to say "Thank you for your order" and Money taking from our Account. Unless you can explain this VERY POOR customer service. I would let people who order from you to REALLY THINK TWICE before parting with there hard earned money. And to top it all, We live in the U.K. but still been Let Down by this On-Line shop & Chris Aleman. (for me, maybe not a Scam but Just very poor Customer Relations). Clearly they send WRONG Items out aswell, as some Customers have already said in this Forum Area.

    what a complate mess up this HG-Hydroponic online shop is & Chris Aleman himself.

    I know this is my first post here but I felt the need to warn people about HG Hydroponics

    This site is a scam I made an order in set ember and all they have done is give me bullshit excise about delivery couriers. Be warn I lost over 400 Euros to them don’t make the same mistake as me

    Hi, (JAN 2014) - Clearly nothing has changed with this HG on-line shop, I just placed an order too, Received the order to find the order was wrong, Now also like KittyBitty, Paid via pay pal - Because of the rudeness of who ever runs the shop, and then they stopped replying to any e-mails I sent, I have made a dispute in resolution centre. And now advanced this to a claim. Polite Warning, be very careful of losing your hard earned money people if you decide to place orders with these evil people at HG-Hydro, Lincolnshire uk

    I just have to warn everybody. Its been a year now since I placed a Order for about 1000£ and only got half of what I payed for. I have tried to email, call, all without any result.

    You've been warned!

    Hi all, After browsing the forum and the internet, I see plenty of complaints, scam, rip-off's regarding HG-Hydroponic (dot co dot uk) And now, YES I am the latest victim - of £180 - Ordered 4 items, one being a Ruck RKW 150mm 6" Automatic extractor fan temperature control version, £139.99 and they sent me the standard version which only cost £59.99 but still charged me the FULL Price for the temperature control version. Contacted them explained bla bla sent photo's as requested. So just be WARNED people. And they even tried to say it could be the Courier who in this case was "Interlink express" No-way, HG simply just packed the wrong fan.

    Best Wishes

    You can get a full refund i did last year on The Stealth Cabin £999.99

    The thing never turned up Jokers STAY AWAY ....

    I have been scammed for 800 euro by hg-hydroponics...
    On first look the website seems genuine, has shopping cart etc... ordered, tried to pay by credit card, wouldnt let me, hg-hydroponic emailed saying we see you tried to order can we be of assistance... went back on and decided to transfer the money.. since then i have only had automated responses, non sensical emails and then.. nothing.....

    If anyone has ordered from HG Hydroponics in the last couple of weeks please can you let me know hbow you got on, I have been waiting for my order for two weeks now but the most worrying thing is that they do not answer the phone and emails are now bouncing back, not sure what else I can do? Have I been scammed?

    Not sure if this best place to post this but needed to warn everyone about a website, HG-Hydroponics. This guy is great at getting his site to come up high on google and prices seem good, but it is not legit!

    Listen folks, if you want to order from here go ahead. I really dont care one way or the other. My post was put up a while ago, obviously the guy has put up a telephone number since i ordered. If you do a search on google or on other grow sites you will find many other people who had worse problems than me. I was able to get my money back through the cc company.

    ive been scammed for 300 by hg hydroponics,anyone else had similar

    I have just been told to warn you all about Hydrogrow Hydroponics, this is the message i got >>

    Tell the forum members to avoid the company like the plague!

    This was from a very close friend who is in the buisness and knows who's who.

    I too have been scammed by this website.

    Ordered biobizz stuff. only 25 quid, but as a poor student its a lot!

    these same bastards have done me too...........

    47 quid down the pan...........

    they sent me the wrong stuff...........from what i can make out a few ppl also had the same prob as me with this "shipment" (i called the guy who's stuff i'd been sent......he recieved someone elses stuff as well)



    still no contact from them.................


    Should have done my reasearch - thankfully I only lost £10 not the thousands others have.

    I've also tried to comment on all the videos on youtube too to warn others.

    They are selling refurbed Mountain Air carbon filters as new. God knows what else they are doing to scam their customers. Google: "hg-hydroponics scam" or "hg-hydroponics scammers" and you'll see many people with various issues. (Admittedly, something I should have done before I blew my hard-earned cash on a purchase from them.....)

    After a few hours of back and forth emails - initially answered within minutes I might add - they suddenly stopped responding to me after I asked for a refund, so i've no other option than to name and shame them. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can get my £150 back

    hi, do not order from hg-hydroponics.. there are numerous posts of people who have been ripped off by this guy..

    If some people get their stuff and some don't.. they don't order there because there's a realistic chance you won't get what you've ordered.

    Guys, dont order.. ok finally something came through the post... i should be happy yeah... no way... half of what i ordered came.

    This guy is still at it scamming people...Lost 600gpb. (Getting it back from Visa though..you are fairly protected when paying with Visa)
    Ordered, then nothing happened...then they asked for ID, wanting a lot of info..luckily I diden't give them enough info to scam my card, otherwise I believe they would have done that too.

    After a while, they accused me of fraud...hehe, almost funny...the scammers accusing the victim of fraud..then after a while they just diden't respond anymore.
    Bottom line; diden't get no merchandise and diden't get no money back from HG hydroponics.

    Be warned!

    Bought a 'stealth grow box' from them. Expected big things after reading the description. Sadly I have been very disappointed....

    Firstly I did actually receive the item! but it took about 6 weeks from when I ordered. The cabinet arrived scratched and dented. All the parts inside were broken due to poor packaging including the plastic fan on the back and even the glass cooltube. The cabinet is actually made of lots of pieces which had been screwed together. Some of the screws were actually missing! and some of the ones that were there were totally rusted! The cabinets are not odour or lightproof as advertised so spent ages trying to fix the big gaping holes

    If that company happened to sell an item I wanted at half the price of anybody else I would still not use their services, they are highly unrelaibale and give very bad service

    Yep i know this excuse for a company, I made a complaint last year to this ''Chris Aleman'' at HG Hydroponics, who had taken a payment for some items,on his website, none of which arrived.
    After visiting his store on Lincoln high Street i was told by him, that he didnt any longer own Hg Hydroponics & so couldn't be at fault.

    It later turns out this wasn't the case.

    Another little hydrophonic scam. there's enough reports about them on google. simply walk away or lose all your money.

    Hello hg-hydroponics.co.uk big scam. Before buying I checked them online and unfortunately dismissed other people bad opinion on this business. I purchased £1400 worth of goods from hg-hydroponics.co.uk. I had to wait 5 weeks for it and all I got was the box. Half of the items missing, some replaced for cheaper equivalents. I though that will speak to them and get it replaced. No way. Try...

    Clearly HG-Hydroponics and Chris (the grass) Aleman is still run his SCAM..
    Latest victim, I ordered a fan from this bit of shit, Chris at Hg-hydroponics, Order was a 150 L 6" ruck fan at £139.99 and he sent me a 150 A which is the £119.99 OK not a huge scam, But "never the less" he still did a money scam for around £20 rip off from a customer. So clearly this dip shit is still robbing people of there money. Bet he has made thousands from suckers like us and still at it in 2014
    (July 2014)
    Yes this is my first post, but i was doing a google search for scam hg-hydroponics.co.uk and got this thread

    https://www.thcfarmer.com/community/search/2074304/?q=hg-hydroponics.co.uk scam&o=date&c[node]=6

    so this is what happened

    Hello all, if your ordering from them International please don't, or email them for quote BEFORE you place an order.

    what happened :

    Tried to order from site directly but had problems with check out. went to live chat place the 2 orders there and I repeatedly asked if postage was included , Phil ( the person i was talking to) said yes multiple times. after both orders where placed I asked him to Bill me ( Paypal) he quickly did and I responded and payed that same min.

    3 days or so later I got an email saying that shipping will cost extra 600 Pounds, I quickly went online and to live chat explaining how and why the extra 600 if I have already Paid shipping, he then stated if you read our TOS it states that shipping cost may vary. I understand that but why would you bill me before knowing the exact shipping cost to start with ? then I kindly asked him to please cancel the order I am not willing to pay 600 pounds extra for these items.

    He got all defensive and stated that they will not fully refund and that they worked hard and paper work etc to get shipping costs and that they will charge me a cancelation fee. I agreed and asked how much would the fee be ? he said he will ask the manager and come back to me. days pass and no response I email them back asking what happened? got a email back saying Wed/Thur please contact us if you don't get the refund back. Sat Morning I logged on the site asking about what happened his response was

    " it will be processed in the next day or 2, we have customers who are in the same position as you, we cant put you straight to the top.
    HG Staff"

    in my opinion that made me a bit hesitant that they will refund the amount. after thinking about it I logged on Paypal and made my first ever dispute case. not even 10 mins after I made that case I got an email from them stating

    "Please explain to us why you have opened a paypal dispute when you was advised a refund would be taking place today?

    Because of this it now won't be refunded today due to the mountains of paperwork caused and we have 2 weeks to refund the amount "

    so you can see from the responses that they are not someone you want to deal with. I have everything logged form emails and chat logs.

    at that moment I logged back to paypal and escalated to them knowing that this is my only option at this point. its more like a challenge for them then customer service.

    2 days later I got a dispute ticket from Paypal saying that they reviewed the case and have refunded me fully on both orders ( one was for 283.31 GBP and the other for 585.69 GBP)

    I then got a threat email from them. :

    Seen as you have completely wasted our time and tried your best to circumvent the fees and charges for wasting our time we will close the disputes and seek payment through the courts for the fees incurred.

    you opened 2 x paypal disputes 10 minutes after speaking to a member of staff, your quiet happy to waste our time have us run around weighting and wrapping parcels doing hours of paperwork for you then to decide you are unable to even pay for these costs or shipping completely wasting our time and yours.

    On stating there would be a fee for this you have opened paypal disputes to circumvent this, you have left us know option to invoice you outside of paypal and should the fees not be paid within 28 days we will start legal proceedings, i hope you understand we are not a charity or hear for a free service, we are a business.

    so there you go this is what happened with these people.
    Hey I'm new here, was trying to find somewhere where I can post my feelings on hg-hydroponics just would tell anyone who wants to order to be vigilant, I stupidly enough ordered a pc pro grow kit, I wanted to cancel it two days after I placed my order and was told if I cancelled I would have to pay them 150 labor costs, I decided to continue my order. Shortly after I was told to expect my product in a weeks time, a week later nothing... I go online to speak to their 'staff' who told me they had just been very busy and I could expect my order soon. After waiting over a month for the item, through numerous failed attempts to get a reply from the "staff" my goods finally arrived! Snootchie ! I must state I ordered the 'pro' pc grow kit.. 'pro' used loosely.

    On opening the package I see that the pc case is not at all like it was shown online.
    So with excitement I open up the box to find my 'hydroponics' kit.. again with much disappointment the hydroponics pots I was greeted with were nothing more than two small tuppleware sandwhich boxes , with two holes drilled into it.. Nothing like the dwc kit shown on their site. Also the dual spectrum 125cfl isn't dual spectrum at all. Also instead of a dvd filled with tutorials on growing hydroponically I have a shi* booklet printed from microsoft word and stapled together, with diagrams of equipment that does not even resemble mine aha! This is probably the biggest waste of money in the entire world, I am very much aware how stupid I am for buying this crap, so to anyone who is silly like me beware. Near 400 quid for a cheap light, cheap case, mylar peeling off, fans obstructing growth, and a shitty sandwhich box, and a pump. If I could meet these guys I would punch them right in the jejunum . Day Light robbery.

    Oh well, sorry If I've broken loads of forum rules just wanted to give my opinion of hg hydro!

    We just need to show you this where Mr. Chris Aleman had problems with
    Google and Pay-pal before. (see below)


    Here are my details

    Name - chris aleman
    Tel - 07912104858
    Email - sa....@hg-hydroponics.co.uk

    Firstly please excuse my language, but i want to know what the f**k is
    going on with my Google merchant checkout account, I am very very
    angry about this, basically 2 weeks ago i signed up for a Google
    account, everything was fine, a week later, i received 2 payments of
    around £1700, the day after i received these funds i received an email
    from google stating i would need to fax information and id to google
    checkout for it to allow me to transfer funds to my bank. which i
    immediately did, I then received a confirmation email from ebay saying
    all was fine and the money would now be in my account within 5 days,

    i then tried to log in to my account the same day to find i cant log
    in....or its been deleted or it has disappeared and it appears they
    have some how been refunded by some one at google...... what the
    fuckinhell are you playing at? how dare you process refunds in my
    account etc with out my permission or knowledge, the items in Qs have
    been sent out, so what the f**k am i supposed to do know? i am with
    out the £1700 in funds and with out the £1700 in goods.

    I seriously cannot explain how angry i am with Google i am here to
    run a business! not deal with rank f**king amateurs, If i do not
    recieve a response within 24 hours, i will be going to the police,
    trading standards and will be discussing the matter with my lawyers.

    I am disgusted that this has been allowed to happen, i want you to
    immediately sort this out, explain what the hell is going on and why
    you thought it was not necessary to contact me about such a breach of
    trust and the fact you was just going to automatically start refunding
    customers with out cause and with out my knowledge

    I thought PayPal was a bunch of f**king idiots but you lot really have

    taken the piss.

    Link: http://markmail.org/message/mtoh565upzjr4g7e

    And remember
    Google: HG-Hydroponics scams

    Before you part with YOUR hard earned cash.
    Don't join the ever growing long list of people being Scammed
    by Chris Aleman who own and runs hg-hydroponics Scams shop.

    This page exists for helping people from losing their money on-line.
    The majority of our focus is to Inform YOU - "The General Public"

    But Customer's are free to post information about there experience(s) On-line of which they are suspicious of, concerning HG-Hydroponics, And Mr. Chris Aleman

    With had over 10,000 views on google. Support in sharing a link to this page in forums and to other sites we may of SAVED just one person from being RIPPED off is A positive - but sure we have saved more then just one person. Feel free to add a link from your site. Thanks

    Just to clear A few things up - It's NOT and NEVER has been under new management At HG-Hydroponics - It has always been the same Person (Chris Aleman) who own, run managed and 90% to 95% of the time he is the "Thing" who parcel up and send YOUR Item's, handle order's and Returns.

    ALL the orders, Some times a lady answer the phone (his Wife/GF) so when he tell you a Worker messed up your order (Just like he did us,) you will find it's Him who has Messed up, But he also pulls a "FAST ONE" and send out returns hoping the next person will not return or go thought the hassle. Wood cabinet are Damaged, bits missing - The list just go on and on. Then (When we had our dispute) He finally admitted he had been un-TRUTHFUL and it was him all along we had been talking to by e-Mails Etc - Not other workers.


    Strange thing is, I had this on google to WARN people of the SCAM and those who have lost money from this CON-MAN for 5 years and now GOOGLE has Removed it because I have been warning people of this CON MAN. Has google taking sides with con-men and Scammers?


    Other sites where complaints have been posted:

    LINK 1 (rollitup)

    LINK 2 (ScamWarners)

    LINK 3 (Complaintsboard) Here you need to scroll down to read complaints

    Have a Good Day People
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    this person who run this shop is a scam that is 4 sure look at the number of people listed here who he has ripped off or scammed and still at it in 2017

    thanks for the share i will never use or recommend this online shop to anyone

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