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    So let's take a look at our log: Regarding nuisance tenant. On Sunday - 22nd/04/2018 (April) The person we have as a neighbour now came Thumping and Banging on my door and when I answered the door he started ranting, Accusing me of stealing £40 from him he then claimed it was £20 and started making stories up again, saying I was part of a syndicate and I was the ring leader & was going to report me to the Police. I closed the door & rang the police myself.

    I also phoned this Letting manger myself & tried to explain to this deluded Dawn Mailley MARLA about her tenant (John) but I'm sure it fell on deaf ears because she asked was he stalking me? WOT!! Stalking me NO you stupid, pathetic, ignorant woman he is being a general nuisance, unpleasant, annoying, distressing by banging on my door & making up stories. Hanging out his window calling out name I don't even know or never heard. Teasing &
    antagonizing the dog then the next day report the dog for barking. And because she is so wrapped up in scoffing her face with money, she believes him. HELLO wake-up woman.

    And can you believe the cheek of this man - (John he claim is his name is) He than run around like a headless chicken the next day trying to apologize while self confessing he has a mental illness.

    And a few day later she accuse me of knocking on his door, because she is so Deluded & ignorant he changes thing around to blame me.

    How mad is that?

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