Nuisance tenant - Lost the plot!!

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    I believe our neighbor (Mentally Sick John) has really lost the plot. Feeling desperate, unwanted & useless he has resorted to putting notes though the letter box now. His mental illness situation is so bad we believe it's becoming impossible for him to deal with.

    Now when you read the note (attached) Remember he claim to have got a text message to his mobile phone, so how would it have gone to the wrong mobile number? If it was anything to do with me, I would of giving this company my number. And for the record I do NOT even know his mobile number or that he even owned a mobile phone.

    Mental-Johns Note WED-15th-AUG 2018.JPG
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    Now is someone winding him up or trying to scam him?

    Was this sent as SPAM?
    Has a company some-how got hold of his number? (I would think is very unlikely because he would have giving his number in the first place)

    I personally think the mental illness is kicking in again. Someone needs to help this guy someone professional. I know he has a couple of acquaintances who came to tackle his garden & long grass (finally) after 5 plus months & these 2 males have just came out of prison for robbing someone last year. They went into the old man's dwelling & robbed him.

    So pull up a chair sit back & watch this space.

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