police car hits a postbox during chase

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    Look at the state of this Passerby taunts policeman after his car hits a postbox during chase

    Seeing the smoking BMW mounted on top of the red letter box and noticing the officer was unharmed, the man got out his phone to film the scene in front of him

    A cheeky passerby taunted a policeman after he crashed into a postbox during a pursuit, flattening it to the ground.

    Seeing the smoking BMW mounted on top of the red letter box and noticing the officer was unharmed, the man got out his phone to film the scene in front of him.

    As the officer waited for help, the man behind the camera can be heard saying: "Officer, officer what's going on here?

    "Look at that - you've got to take your time on the road kids."

    Approaching the policeman he asks if he was in a "hot pursuit" but the questions remains unanswered.

    The police car was seen
    crashed on top of the post box

    Instead the man then started joking: "Was you drinking and driving again was ya?" while accusing him of going to a local nightclub.

    Clearly finding the funny side of the man's comment, the officer says "yeah" while laughing along.

    "I told you you've got to get off that alcohol you know," the man replied as he continues filming the sheepish officer.


    He added: "It's a BMW as well, do you know what I'd do for a BMW? I'd put in a lot of overtime for a BMW - but look at the state of this."

    The collision happened in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham on Friday.

    Another passerby Michael Gibbons, 69, drove past the scene and noticed the steaming bonnet as the officer scrambled for help.

    The pensioner who lives in the area said: "Apparently the police car was chasing a car. We don't know if that car got away or not when the police car struck the postbox.

    "There was steam coming from the bonnet so I think he'll have damaged the radiator.

    "I was just driving past but you could see that the pillarbox had been knocked right over to the ground and the car had ended up stuck on top of it."

    Others who saw the clip also saw the funny side of things.

    One online viewer, Kevin O'Keefe joked: "No wonder my letters have arrived late. I can't wait to read the report on that one".

    However some social media users expressed concern that it could have easily been a child or pedestrian.

    One person wrote: "Could of easily been a child, and he's supposed to be a responsible law enforcer."

    A West Midlands Police spokesman said: "One man was arrested following a police pursuit at around 8am on Friday January 26, which started after a suspected stolen vehicle failed to stop for officers on Chester Road, Erdington.

    "After a lengthy pursuit, the vehicle was abandoned on Forth Drive, Chelmsley Wood.

    "The driver made off on foot but was arrested. During the incident, a police car hit a post box. No one was injured."

    The spokesman added that Christopher King, aged 38, of no fixed address, was charged with dangerous driving, driving without insurance and handling stolen goods.

    He has been remanded in custody to appear before Birmingham Crown Court on February 18 via TV link.

    Watch video of passer by taunts policeman after crash

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    Hi Slim, the f**king problem is any one else would be arrested, forced to give a breath test for alcohol and a drug test. What really annoy me is this bastard will walk away and tell lies of how he lost control while the tax payer end up footing the bill for thousands of £££££££££ for a new BMW and no doubt the Insurance rises at our cost too yet. These bastards get away with to much
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