Rough sleeping: £100m gov plan to tackle homelessness

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  1. slim

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    The government has unveiled its £100m strategy to tackle rough sleeping on England's streets.

    It wants to "help people turn their lives around", including support for mental health and addictions.

    Housing Secretary James Brokenshire vowed to make homelessness "a thing of the past" and the government has vowed to end rough sleeping by 2027.

    But Labour says the plan is already "unravelling" as it's become clear no new money is being invested.

    Homelessness has been on the rise for the past seven years, with around 4,750 people estimated to be sleeping rough on any given night in England in 2017.

    Charities have welcomed the plan, but warned that it was "a step forward and not a total fix".

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    The Rough Sleeping Strategy will focus on preventing people from becoming homeless in the first place by offering a range of support.

    Read full story & view map here

    Yet another government trick to let the public think it's helping & keep in mind the gov is taking the mioney from else where.

    Be nice to get your thoughts. Do you even trust the Tories any more?
  2. Anonymous

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    my message is very clear TORIES ARE LIARS waste of space and only think of themselves, steal tax payers money and make everyone's life a misery. People should rise up against the Tories. I hate (dislike) Teresa May and David "the pig" Cameron. And a few more tories but to many to list or waste my time with.
  3. Stephen

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    Anonymous is right, Conservatives are born liars scum of the earth. since they have been in government look at all the disasters, people dying, poverty, money being stolen on a daily basis. HS2 is one example and there is plenty more. Grenfell tower flats disaster. Disabled people had money stopped, millions more on the streets homeless, crime has risen about 33%, mugging, killings the list goes on and on yet the people of Britain and Wales do nothing. Crime has risen that every day the police get loads of calls relating to crimes where people just need food to eat, commit crimes to get money to pay bills, buy food and every everyday essentials because of the Conservative government. I've said it before and saying it again. Who's to blame apart from the Conservative party? Well you IF you never bothered in voting the Labour and those mostly who voted for the scum Conservatives

    Now that's a FACT. So if you want food on the table better life for you, your family Children family make sure you vote the tories out say NO to Conservatives.
    And I will not hide it I HATE the Tories.
  4. Kat

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    I know very little of this but on the news do I recall the conservatives said a NEW injection of money to support the homeless but with-in hours or next day Mr. Brokenshire said it's not fresh money it will be taking from somewhere else. That alone speaks volumes that this government lie. As far as I'm concerned you wouldn't vote or support a pedophile (unless you was one yourself) so why support this government?

    My dear old Mum use to say Never trust the Tories, they are evil and will make life hell. Her words have come true for millions, bless her
  5. slim

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    Hello mate, I noticed you changed from hate to dislike any special reason why? Maybe a change of heart and starting to like Mr. May and Conservatives, even planning to vote for them next time

    PS try to keep your reply polite :rolleyes:

    J. Oking :)

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